About me

Hi, my name’s Sam. I’m a 30-something, adventurous new vegan, excited about saving the animals, saving the planet and being as healthy as I can be.

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In the past 5 years I’ve taken on vegetarianism as a challenge for a year, reverted back to eating everything, before deciding my passion and moral compass was leading me down the vegan route. After largely going plant-based back in August 2018, I decided to go fully vegan before the turn of 2019.

The thing I love most about being vegan, is what can initially seem extremely restrictive is actually one of the biggest plus points.

“The Enemy of Art Is the Absence of Limitations”

I’m not really one for quotes, but this one from Orson Welles really struck a chord with me. In essence: creativity requires bounds. When you’re forced to reduce your palette, an incredible opportunity opens up to explore foods and techniques you might never otherwise have tried. To be able to do this, satisfied in the knowledge no animals were harmed or exploited, is really the greatest joy I can take from food.

Whilst eating is a part of life I take great pride and passion in, for me being vegan is loving and supporting the planet we live on. Environmentalism is no longer merely a hippy, idealist view, it is a necessity and a mindset for everyone on this planet. A world of conveniences, disposability and “the hottest thing” is not a sustainable one and not one nature will allow us to continue with.

Whilst fighting what can feel like the impossible fight against corporate giants and unwielding governments, the smallest change can start something big. Change begins at home. How you do anything is how you do everything. I’m fairly new to the game but full of enthusiasm for reducing my carbon footprint and empowering others to follow suit.

I’m happily married to the love of my life Charlotte, a steadfast pescatarian of 5 years, but someone who follows and supports my vegan adventure (through choice and largely circumstance).

We’ve spent the best part of a decade living in Brighton, with our young son Brandon and our cat, Chester.

I’m on Instagram, say hi.